Monday, May 11, 2009

Scarry moment

Saturday may 9th i decided that it would be okay for me to scare the pee out of my husband. According to chad I had fainted. Lauralee had to call chad from the neighbors to come home, when he had found me I was unconscious on the ground and spasm. When I came to I refused to go to the hospital. Today I went to the doctors to be checked out. Dr. Jonson said that I most likely just got up too fast and my blood pressure had dropped. I had fainted and hit my head which gave me a mild concussion and temporary amnesia. I am suppose to take it easy for a few days. All is well and I should have a full recovery in just a few days.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

KayDe and Lauralee big Day

Soft Ball and T-Ball

KayDe just started t-ball May5, 2009 She belongs to the Royals. She was so scared to play that it took me 10 min just to convince her to play. In the end she had a great time. In this photo she is learning to throw and catch, her partner is Nicole a little girl, they are best buds. KayDe plays Tuesday and Thursday from5:00-6:00 p.m if you can come watch

Lauralee is playing for the Pirates. She started May 6,2009. She is playing machine pitch soft ball. She was practicing throwing and catching and her partner hit her in her face, Lauralee rubs her face and went and played more. I am so proud of her for doing that. They also learned how to bat, I do say she is pretty good she hit it every time she got up. Lauralee plays on Wednesday and Friday from 5:00-6:00 p.m every week.

Monday, March 23, 2009

skool, stuff and more

School.....hmm...... where to start. It has been a long frustrating road to ride on. I am still in my English class( ya I know it has been 3 months but I can't help that) I am a struggling English writer, However I did pass my last paper ( I would like to thank sis. toone for all of her help.) Yay that means only two more. After my two papers are done I will be half way through school I should fly through the rest. I am kind of disappointed because I won't be done by my birthday.

I recently was called to be the young woman's 1st councilor, that has consumed most of my time. I love the girls I work with. We are doing new beginnings this week and our Young Women (YW) president had to leave and play grandma, which leaves me to do all the planning my self. In a branch we only have a president and a 1st councilor. Kinda weird when you have 21 Young Women (YM) in your class you would think that the branch would call a sectary or even a second councilor. I also am involved in Camp (first councilor in that too) So that also takes up a lot of time.

The "KIDS" well they are great. Lauralee is doing well in school, needs encouragement in reading but I think that she I doing just fine. KayDe is enjoying Kindergarten she loves her teachers. Anson is growing like a weed, ya all ready out grew his Christmas pants good thing that their is Kid to Kid or he will be running around with no cloths.

Well as you all know I was planning a trip for march 2010, I am sorry that it has came to a screeching halt. I found out that I have to have surgery on my left shoulder and my left ankle to tightening up all of my ligaments, which will tall all of my funding for my trip (so sad) so I will have to plan it for another time. I am sorry to those that wanted to go with me we will do something, just not a cruise next year.

We have a new community center in Syracuse that offers step aerobics Monday, Tuesday,Thursday, and Friday from 6 am to 7 am for $20 a month. I could not pass it up so I went this morning I was fun. Makes me wake up like having 5 cups of coffee so jittery now.

Well you now have been on the speed track with my life......... Hope you have a good day.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can we get a move on.

Well Christmas season is here and this year I am not so stressed out. Chad has a job my Kids are happy and I am half way through school. I am waiting for spring to start building our new house in harrisville. They have good schools for the kids their. I have spoken to intermountain health care they have me scheduled for an interview in April for a billing and coding job. I am quite excited they start pay at $26 an hour. well that is all for now.TTFN ta ta for now. Oh Ya have a marry Christmas.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Ankel

Well the weirdest thing happened to me Sunday night around 6ish. I Had dislocated my ankle. Really . I was sitting in my chair and decided to get up I raised my left leg and left my ankle on the floor. Ya it popped out of place. I was Screaming like a Banchee if anyone knows what that sounds like, it is what I sounded like. We have been to the emergency room three times in the last month so we were tapped out of the green stuff ( well at $125 a pop anyone would be out) so I did not go to the hospital though I should have. Chad was kind enough to put it back in place for me. So now I have a really bad ankle. Today I can walk on it with out passing out so it should get better soon.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Call Family Cakes

As you all know that my husband is a cake maker we have decided to to start making it into a business so if any of you know any one that needs birthday, wedding, or any holiday cakes please send them to our web page I have a link added to this sight. Our web page is http:/ . Thank you so much for all of your support.

just getting started

So I heard from the great vine that every one of my sisters are playing on the blog. So I decided
to play too.